Monday, May 12, 2008

12 May 08

I started work on mounting the passenger seat today. It was basically a repeat of the driver's side process, except this time, I had an example to go by. I had the seat bottom mounted by lunch, with a good start on the leg support. Luke worked on the loom, as usual, and Zac glued 1 last seat laminate for the passenger back rest after helping Luke move the loom down to the pink room. Rick put the finishing touches on the lean-to on the glue room, and Kendal showed up to help out, too. She glued in and trimmed the PVC tubing that Caroline formed yesterday and also helped Zac with the seat laminate. After lunch, I picked out some wood with Kendal and Zac, who made a cover for the rear cabin opening and made some inner skins off of the engine covers. I finally got the leg support of the seat finished, and Hunt and I made a run to the junkyard to get some stainless for the differential mount. He fabricated the mount while I worked on trimming the driver's side seat brackets. After dinner, I came back out and trimmed the last of the brackets on the driver's side and fit the passenger's side gas tank and box channel cap. I finished at about 10:45pm and went inside to relax.

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