Wednesday, May 14, 2008

14 May 08

We had a big cleanup in the shop this morning in preparation for Frank Graff of NBC 17, who came out to do a short story on the Splinter. It should air tomorrow night on the 7pm news, so be on the lookout. Zac glued a piece of the small wood angle channel and spread screenings out under the glue room lean-to while Ben plumbed water lines to the glue room. Luke machined some pieces of wood for the trailing arms and mounted the headers to the welding jig we have for them down at Hunt's house. Bong came out to be interviewed by Frank, too, and we finished everything a little after 11am. Hunt and I made a run to Home Depot to get some supplies for Ben and came back in time for lunch. Zac made a run for everyone while I worked on fitting the doors on the box channel caps in the driver's side. After lunch, Luke and Hunt machined some more wood while I worked on the box channel caps. Zac made another piece of angle and machined and glued up a chunk of MDF for a new mold. When he finished this, he went to sanding the body molds up to 320 grit. Bob came out and got 1 of our Northstars disassembled, with another in store for tomorrow. I finished up on the driver's side by mounting an access panel to the side of the roll bar and went to work on making the access panels in the engine covers. I got the access holes cut out on one side by about 7pm, at which point Ben and I decided to glue 1 more layer of bi-ply to the outside of the laminate that will be used as the access panels. We finished by 8pm and headed to Hardee's for dinner. Hunt was looking at mounting a gear reduction unit to our wood lathe to make a 3" diameter acme threaded screw for our headrests. I marked and cut the access holes on the driver's side engine cover, finishing by about 10:50pm.

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