Monday, May 19, 2008

19 May 08

I notched the Z-panel around the shock tower first thing this morning. Luke showed up and started making a set of 3 more heddles for weaving 1/8" veneer. Zac came and made 5 bolts for the rotisserie system and went down to Hunt's to move wood and steel pipe around. I started preparing the truss to be glued on. I had several brackets to fit, along with making sure the truss was aligned properly in the rear. Jenna came out at lunch to talk more about the seats. We nailed down the materials that we plan to use and figured a way we can fix them to the seat frames. Kendal came after lunch, and Jenna went over the process for making the headrests with her for several hours. Luke got all his pieces straight for the heddles and began gluing the together. Zac brought the engine hoist down, and I jacked the table about 3/16" off the ground to let the legs of the hoist slide in far enough the grab the engine. We removed it and set it on the floor. I continued to fit pieces on the truss and check the alignment until dinner time. After dinner, I made some final trims and adjustments on the truss and should be ready to glue her on tomorrow. I finished a few after 10:30pm.

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The Blue Room 2 web cam is stuck again.