Saturday, May 24, 2008

24 May 08

I glued 2 large angle brackets inside the engine compartment to start of the day this morning. Aaron showed up just in time to help me by holding the backer washers on the rivets that I couldn't reach. After finishing this, it was time to work on the loom. Hunt and I removed and restrung all 4 of the heddles. We also realigned the heddle levers and swing stops. Ben started work moving a shelf and mounting a parts bin that we found at the junkyard a few days ago. Aaron updated the website and the 3D model of the chassis. After lunch at the airport, everyone went back to work in their respective areas. Hunt and I set the height of the heddles, adjusting a slight stagger in height to account for the angle of the warp. Hunt turned a stop on the lathe for the heddle levers, and we installed it shortly thereafter. Hunt drew the loom in while I installed the heddle shims, and we wove for about an hour, albeit only about 15 rows wide, to test the setup. We broke for dinner, and I went back out afterwards to cut some brackets for the rear wheel wells to reinforce the holes cut for the trailing arms. Hunt and I studied the loom for a while, and we came back up to the blue room. I glued a bracket on while Hunt experimented with the tensioning device. I finished at about 11:30pm, ready to go to bed.

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