Thursday, May 8, 2008

08 May 08

I ground the scarf from yesterday down this morning. It turned out well, and I went to work gluing a piece of plywood onto the side of the rollbar to turn the sides into a box. Ben worked on plumbing air lines all day, and Aaron and Zac glued a special piece of plywood to make nuts out of. Luke continued work on the loom. After lunch, Hunt and I went to see our buddies at Tramway Veneer to talk about getting some 1/4" wide strips of cherry clipped for the body skins. They were immensely helpful, as always, and hooked us up on the spot. Ben and Luke continued on their projects while we were gone, and Aaron and Zac dug a ditch for water lines to the new shop. When we got back, Hunt and I used the milling machine to drill some holes into the trailing arm brackets so that we can mount them to the S-panel tomorrow. They are made of some mega-hard stainless, and I burnt several drill bits in them, unfortunately. It was Caroline's birthday today, so Paul and Christina came out to join the guys, and we took Caroline out to dinner at Elmo's. It was good to relax for a couple hours, and I will be ready to hit it hard tomorrow.

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