Friday, May 23, 2008

24 May 08

I started the day off by cleaning the table this morning. Hunt set up a jig to slot the wood blocks for the tensioning device on the loom. Hunt and I had to get some supplies from Home Depot and Harbor Freight, and we got back around the time the guys showed up. When we got back, I continued cleaning the table off in preparation for mounting the truss of the rotisserie. Ben had some welding left to do on the truss, and Luke had to go get Zac, whose motorcycle chain broke. When Luke got back, he went to work cleaning up the heddle for the loom. Zac worked on gluing short aluminum U-channels to the blocks that Hunt machined this morning. Ben brought the truss in, and we got it mounted to the rotisserie and measured where we were going to bolt the chassis to it. After we broke for lunch, Ben and I used self-tapping screws to mount plywood pieces to the truss in the places that we wanted to mount the chassis. When we had them mounted, Zac, Luke, Ben and I lifted the chassis onto the truss and centered it up. Hunt and I had to get some bolts to use to secure it, along with some muffler clamps. When we got back, Luke and Ben had centered the chassis on the truss and laid out the location of the bolts holes. Luke went back to work assembling the heddle while Ben and I drilled holes and bolted the chassis down. Ben went out to weld muffler clamps onto some square channel that would serve as outrigger supports for the chassis. He and I spent the next hour or so mounting them, and he headed out around 7:30pm with the rotisserie and chassis fully rotational. I mounted an angle bracket between S-panel trailing arm brackets and went inside to eat. I came back out and mounted a bracket on the other side, finishing up at around 11:00pm. The rotisserie is really going to be nice.

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