Tuesday, May 6, 2008

06 May 08

I went to work on the engine covers this morning. I pulled the lower mount for the driver's side engine cover from the bag and trimmed and ground the part into shape. I drilled and tapped the necessary holes to mount it inside the engine bay and began work on the passenger's side. I drilled and tapped holes in the lower mount for the panel itself and pulled it to glue a shim on the upper mount. Zac helped me glue the shims on both sides of the upper mounts, and I will pull the clamps tomorrow and grind them to shape. Luke worked on the loom all day, and finished his infeed/outfeed tables. Hunt kept Luke fed with parts and rolling on the loom. Aaron did some computer work, cleaned the glue-up room, and helped Caroline and Zac glue a layer of woven bamboo inside the remaining butterfly panel. Caroline used a large pneumatic grinder to prep the surface. I spent the last part of the afternoon working on the seats. I spent a while squaring the template piece and ensuring that the side cuts were parallel to the bends in the laminate. After dinner, I came back outside to help Hunt on the loom for a while, and I spent some time squaring 3 seat laminates with the template piece after Hunt headed out. I had a lot of writing to do tonight, so I moseyed inside at about 10:30pm to get started. I finished right before 11:30pm, tired as a dog.

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