Wednesday, April 30, 2008

30 Apr 08

Hunt and I went to the junkyard first thing this morning to get some pieces for the loom. Ben resumed work on his water lines. Luke went to work on the loom, which he stayed on for the whole day. Zac ground off a layer of veneer from one of the wheel well straps that didn't pull down properly and got another one glued on it. I spent the morning measuring points on the engine to get it properly mounted, and I located and drilled 4 1/4" holes in the side of the rear wheel wells where the halfshafts will come through. Hunt made a sliding miter box for the tablesaw, and we riveted a plexiglass guard to it. Aaron had various computer tasks to do. Hunt and I made a Home Depot run to get supplies for Luke and Ben, getting lunch on the way back. After lunch, I glued the final bent reinforcement laminate inside the driver's side gas tank area. Zac removed some bolts from the passenger's side gas tank area and from the rear cross-section, which we glued up yesterday morning. I glued the rear window frame on this afternoon, using nothing but a bunch of sliding c-clamps and some strips of oak to spread the load of the clamps. After dinner, Hunt and I came back out to the shop. He glued some blocks together for use on the loom, and I edge sanded the wheel well straps. After, we hooked up air to the bead blast cabinet in the back of the room, and I spent a while installing the last several pieces on the inside to get it ready to spray. I finished at about 10:30pm and called it a night to write some emails.

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Baba Doodlius said...

Wow. Just, wow.

I am the Great and Powerful Baba Doodlius, and my gig is revealing the Truth behind the Secrets of the Universe.

So here's a Mystery of the Universe for you: Why would anybody want to build a car out of wood?

I'm sure my readers (all 6 of them) would want to know!

Thanks! Have a nice day!