Sunday, April 20, 2008

20 Apr 08

Hunt and I spent the first 3 1/2 hours gluing in the transmission hanger this morning. It already had alignment holes drilled, but it was still a time consuming glue-up. It involved 9 pieces total, each of which had to be aligned with the others and clamped with through bolts and blocks of plywood. When we finally finished this, I glued the plywood cap on the driver's side box channel and went in for lunch. After lunch, it was time to look at the seats. I made a simple mock up from 2 sheets of osb with a hinge in the middle to help get lengths, angles, and heights for the seat dimensions. Caroline came out to help me measure. Hunt worked on a reinforcement plate for the transmission mount while I started on the mold for the seats. Hunt used a router and a follower bit to cut a circle out of a giant hunk of plywood that we had originally intended to use for a wheel over 18months ago. I cut 15 2X6s to length, rough bandsawed them, and disc sanded them to a pattern line. I used a simple jig on the drill press to drill the same 3 holes in each piece, and used pva and 3 26" long pieces of all thread to clamp it together. After dinner, I came back out and sanded the mold and used body filler to smooth it out a little bit. Next, I took all the blocks, through bolts, and clamps off the transmission hanger glue-up. I put a couple alignment rivets in the box channel caps and called it a night by about 10:45pm. Gotta keep pushing tomorrow.

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