Tuesday, April 15, 2008

15 Apr 08

The part Zac and I glued yesterday came out well this morning. I started off by perfecting the fit of the engine covers, but when Zac showed up, he and I glued another 3 layers down to yesterday's part. Afterwards, I went back to work on the fit of the engine covers. I pulled them up to the truss accurately and began drilling and tapping holes to mount them. Hunt and I had to go see our buddies and Durham Brazing to get some plates for Ben to weld to the steel trusses. While we were gone, Zac ground off the maple weave that we put on the underside of the butterfly panel 2 days ago. The veneers were too thick, and we really hated the way it looked. After lunch, I went back to work on the engine covers and got them fitted and mounted by mid-afternoon. Luke came out and helped Zac and Hunt glue a bamboo weave on the underside of the butterfly panel to replace the maple weave. I worked on figuring out how to cut a hole in the engine covers for the hat section and began laying out the cuts while Luke mounted our chopsaw to a stand and Zac glued the last 2 layers of veneer onto the piece we started last night. Aaron left at about 600pm after working on more animations all day, and Zac headed out, too. Caroline came home with some Arby's for Luke, Ben and me, and we ate happily in the shop before getting back to the grindstone. Ben worked right up until dark on his steel trusses and will finish them quickly tomorrow. Luke helped me fit the passenger's side engine cover over the hat section and headed out at about 9:30pm. Hunt came up as I was finishing up the driver's side, and hunt out until about 10:00pm. I worked for another hour or so to clean up the area behind the rollbar which will feed the superchargers before calling it a night. Time for sleep; another big day tomorrow.

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