Tuesday, April 29, 2008

29 Apr 08

Good production today. I drilled the rest of the holes in the 5-sided pieces this morning and took the whole cross-section assembly out to prep it for gluing. Ben showed up and started working on running his water lines, and Luke showed up and started cleaning off the radial arm saw table. Zac arrived right as I had spread the glue on the cross-section piece and just in time to help me get it riveted and bolted into place. We spent about an hour and a half getting everything pulled in tight. The rear end is incredibly rigid now. Luke worked on finishing out the fence on the radial arm saw tables, and I started sorting out a way to rout the inside of the rear window frame. By lunch, Luke had finished the fence, and I had the frame all set up to rout. Zac glued up some plywood, and Aaron worked on the website and modeling new chassis pieces for the first part of the day. After lunch, I routed the frame. Luke and Zac worked on cutting some pieces for the loom, and Ben trucked along on installing the water lines. I put some radii on the rear wheel well straps for Zac, and he took them out back and put a finish layer of veneer on them in the vacuum bag. I helped Luke assemble the frames he made for the loom until about 7:15pm, at which point he headed out, and I ate dinner. Ben got to a stopping point with his water lines, and he cut 200 stainless steel ribbons for use in the loom. Hunt and I made a Home Depot run to keep Ben going in the morning, and I went back out to fit and locate the rear window frame on the chassis to be ready for glue in the morning. I finished that at about 10:15pm and came in to answer emails and write this blog for the next hour. Time for bed.

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