Wednesday, April 2, 2008

02 Apr 08

Busy day today. Caroline and I got up early to go out and clean the shop and get things in order, and Hunt and Brownie were there to help, too. Aaron and Zac showed up early to help, also, with Joey Peters and Luke following shortly thereafter. I spent most of the morning doing some on-camera question answering for Lucas and Dave of Wood Magazine, while Hunt had the guys setting up to glue down a couple of layers to a butterfly panel. We demoed our router installation on the new lathe and our steering wheel slotting mechanism on the radial arm saw for video and gave a basic tour of the shop and the car. Everyone ate pizza for lunch, making it 3 consecutive pizza meals for me, not including breakfast. After lunch, Hunt and I demoed a butterfly panel glue-up for video while Aaron and Zac worked on the lean-to storage areas around the new shop. Lucas and Dave left around 430pm, and Hunt and I did some prep work for tomorrow before Caroline, Hunt, Jean, Dave, Lucas and I went to Bullock's BBQ for some genuine southern food.


Lucas Peters said...

Hey Joe,

It was a pleasure to meet you and all of the team. You've got a great crew out there and we felt right at home. Thanks for the hospitality and a fascinating experience.

WOOD Magazine

Joe said...

Thanks a bunch for coming down, Lucas. You guys were really a class act, and we all had fun. Come back any time.