Thursday, April 17, 2008

17 Apr 08

I pulled the recently balsa covered butterfly panel from the bag this morning, and Hunt and I had a layer of birch on it and in the bag by 900am this morning. Not half bad. Ben showed up and got the bag ready for us and started and started on his trusses again, which he worked on for basically the entire day. He got his plates lag bolted to the wall and should be ready to weld the trusses in tomorrow. We had a visit from Joe Hoffer of Daubert to discuss the layout for their booth at the IWF show in Atlanta. It's going to be a great setup as long as we don't die trying to get the car ready. Aaron wove cherry veneer for the butterfly panel skins for most of the day, along with helping Zac with the front lean-to on the new shop. Hunt and I made a Home Depot run before lunch to get some supplies for Zac, and I glued up a block of MDF for a new mold when we got back. After lunch, I took the truss and the rear cross-section piece off the chassis to work on fitting the transmission hanger. Luke came out and took the butterfly panel out of the bag from this morning, drilled holes along the trim lines in the mold, and transfered them to the part. He them jigsawed the mold and used a router with a straight bit on it to trim away a band of the balsa around the edge. Caroline came home from class and helped with the weaving, as is her nature. Meanwhile, Hunt and I worked on cutting the hole in the cross-section for removal of the rear differential, and we cut a hole in the transmission hanger to let it slide up and around the transmission to the place where we will attach it. I took the transmission out of the car and replaced it with our empty transmission case that has the shifter box fitted to it, and Ryan showed up in time to check us out and eat dinner. After dinner, I went out and putzed around in the shop for a while and didn't get much done, so I called it a night.

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