Wednesday, April 23, 2008

22 Apr 08

I ripped the piece that we glued on yesterday off of the car this morning. It hurt me to do it, but we had a bad glue bond in one area, and we needed to fix it. Ben showed up and brought out the mold we need to make another piece as I ground the area down. Zac and Aaron cut a lot of veneer today. I made a pattern for the mold that Zac put in the press last night, and he and Aaron cut 16 pieces for it. Zac also cut pieces for a patch that we made off of our seat mold, which just happened to fit the engine cover curvature. Aaron, Zac and I got the replacement piece into the bag, and we put the patch pieces in a seperate bag right before lunch. After eating, I glued a reinforcement bracket in between the rear driver's wheel well and the box channel. Ben worked on mounting a sprocket and a winch to the rotisserie system. Luke showed up while I was working on the bracket, and he got the 2nd butterfly panel out and began trimming around the edge with cherry backer board. He finished the first layer, which is nice to have out of the way. Aaron and I shot some video while Luke and Ben worked inside. Zac managed to get the first 4 layers of veneer glued and on the mold that he and Aaron cut 16 pieces for earlier. He left after making 3 flat pieces of plywood for spacer material. After I was finished with working on the video, Luke and I helped Ben get the chain mounted to the sprocket. This was a cumbersome act, but definitely ended with a cool looking result. The guy headed out, and I went in to eat. I started editing video on the computer after dinner, and Caroline went out to add 4 pieces of veneer to the piece that Zac started earlier. I helped her get the part in the bag and came back inside to finish editing at about midnight. We really need to get some serious parts glued onto the car tomorrow.

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