Thursday, April 24, 2008

24 Apr 08

We pulled several good parts from their molds this morning. Not to jinx anything, but we have still never made a bad part with epoxy. I trimmed up a 5-sided support and riveted 2 mirrored pieces back to back. I worked a while on fitting them inside the cross-section piece in the rear. Gluing those in and getting all 5 sides of each piece to pull tight will be a chore, but it will be one stiff unit when we are done. That shall be left for tomorrow. Ben worked all day on running the air fittings again. Aaron started work on the videos this morning, which he spent most of the day on. Zac glued up 2 more layers of the 5-sided rear suspension supports today, along with a plywood shim for fitting them in the back. I helped him bag a trim piece for the rear hat section, which seemed to work well. In the afternoon, Luke came out and laid the 2nd and final layer of cherry backer stripping around the edge of the buttefly panel. I helped him glue and clamp it down. Next, I focused on fitting and gluing the roll bar tie-in piece. I spent what seemed like forever fitting it and drilling holes, while Luke and Hunt worked on figuring out how we are going to weave the skins for the buttefly panels. I had to make a Home Depot run for some through-bolts to clamp my part on, and Luke cut a bunch of pieces to start the loom that we will weave on. He and Hunt headed out around 7:45pm. Ben was still out working, and I wasn't that hungry, so he and I just kept rolling until almost 10:00pm. He got to a stopping point and cleaned up, and I finished my work about 45minutes later. It was a long day, but we made some good headway. Having that part glued on will allow me to glue several more parts on top of it tomorrow.

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