Wednesday, April 16, 2008

16 Apr 08

Ben, Aaron, Caroline, Hunt, Zac and I worked on cleaning up the shop this morning in preparation for a visit from Lori and Ross from the Discovery Channel Canada. They came out to film for a show called the Daily Planet, and I spent the first part of the morning going over the game plan with them and doing a few interview questions. Hunt and Zac got a butterfly panel mold ready for balsa while I did this. Ben worked on his trusses, and Aaron and Caroline started weaving a panel of 1/4" cherry veneer to cover a butterfly panel with. They worked on it all day, and I suspect it could take a couple more days. Yikes. Ross filmed Hunt, Zac and me gluing a layer of tessellated balsa down, and we broke for lunch. Lori got pizza and subs for everyone, even Brownie. After lunch, we shot some B-roll and answered some more questions about the car until about 4:30pm. We really had a good time with Lori and Ross today, so hopefully they will be able to make it back when the car is rolling. Zac assembled our new blast cabinet, which showed up today, and Ben continued working on his truss. Hunt and I went to the junkyard to get some steel for Ben, and we released our bamboo-layered butterfly panel from yesterday when we got back. It came out to be a really impressive piece. We talked about some plans for what lies ahead and called it a night. I worked on the seat design for a few hours tonight, and it should start coming together very shortly.

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