Monday, April 21, 2008

21 Apr 08

I glued on a laminate that ties the truss/roll bar to the S-panel this morning. I drilled a bunch of holes into a sheet of MDF that was used like a clamp, and transfered and tapped these holes into the S-panel. We ran 1/4" bolts into the S-panel, which pulled the MDF down, clamping the laminate to be glued. This took until almost lunchtime. Ben worked on his rotisserie, and Zac worked on getting a female mold glued up to fit the male mold for the seats that I made last night. Aaron had some computer work to do. After lunch, I took a lot of measurements on the rear cross-section to make a mold for a tie-in piece to be used to support the half-shafts. I made one piece, and Zac copied 4 more, glued them, and stuck them in the press. Ben, Sean, and Hunt welded the spindles onto the rotisserie while Aaron and I shot some video outside. Ben and Zac cut some veneer for the seats and took the clamps off the piece that was glued on from this morning. After everyone went home, I went inside and started editing the video. Most of it was pretty good, but we will reshoot a couple of sections tomorrow. I then went back out to the shop and ground on the chassis in a place where we need to fix something and called it a night.

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Danny Boy said...

I've been following your progress and I have to say you guys rock. Great craftsmanship!

I'm a little concerned about the Blog though... It seems like it has been running in reverse. I saw April 22 up there a few days ago and now we are on April 21...