Tuesday, April 8, 2008

08 Apr 08

I finished the mold for the part that will tie in the outer armrests to the S-panel this morning. Ben and Zac arrived and helped me make a 2 more right angle pieces and a part off the new mold. Everything went well with those. Hunt and I had to get some stainless bent at Durham Brazing for use under the tunnel tower. Luke was here when we came back, and he and Zac and Ben were working on fiberglassing some splice molds on the body plug. Luke worked with Aaron on the suspension packaging in the computer model while I cut notches in the Z-panel for the leaf spring travel. The guys finished the fiberglass work at about 620pm, and Zac headed out. Luke came out and helped me glue 3 pieces together to make a hat section to cover and reinforce the Z-panel over the notch for the spring. Ben finished plasma cutting and grinding a piece of stainless for a suspension bracket and left at about 730pm. Luke and I vacuumed another arm rest tie-in piece before calling it a day. We finished by about 815pm.


Anonymous said...

Great picture's... Are there more comming here?? http://www.flickr.com/photos

Joe said...

We try to upload photos periodically, but it can come in bursts.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I can wait, but not too long ;)