Friday, April 4, 2008

04 Apr 08

Hunt and I pulled the dash out of the bag this morning, and it turned out beautifully. We also pulled the butterfly panel with the tessellated balsa core, which is a fine part as well. Zac showed up and helped me retrieve some basswood from Hunt's place and started gathering some parts to make a couple of angled laminates with. I started working on mounting and gluing up the S-panel, a project that I ended up working on pretty much all day. Aaron came out and got a rendering ready for the cover of Wood magazine. Thomas showed up last night at about 1030pm and came out to help us this morning about 10.5 hours later. His first task was to take down the steering wheel slotting rig, since Hunt finished slotting the wheel this morning. He then began work on the fence for the radial arm saw. Aaron and Thomas went to pick up some Hardee's for everyone while I drilled and tapped holes into a laminate that butts into the S-panel. We had a visit from Jim of Jim's Garage. He was a good guy who hung around and talked for a while. After lunch, Thomas finished up mounting the fence on the radial arm saw and began helping me to mount a bunch of angled laminates that tie the S-panel to the tunnel and the cabin walls. Zac left at about 330pm, and Aaron left at about 415pm. Hunt took over for Thomas and helped me finish up mounting the S-panel. We finished up a little after 800pm, and I am tired. It's nice to have another big piece glued to the chassis.

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