Sunday, April 27, 2008

27 Apr 08

Finally, the 5-sided pieces are glued to the rear cross-section. I spent the morning cleaning up the 5-sided pieces by trimming the plywood that I glued on last night and using a spindle sander to clean the radii. Next, I drilled 192 holes in the cross section that would correspond with 192 holes in the 5-sided pieces. Hunt made an MDF mold for another tie-in piece in the gas tank area, and Caroline came out and glued up 2 pieces on it. After lunch, I made some shims to further help mount the 5-sideds to the cross-section, and further cleaned the pieces by beveling the edges and sanding glue and tear-out around the holes. I glued one piece onto the cross-section this afternoon using a combination of rivets and through bolts. With so many holes to fill and edges to check, gluing one on took me almost 3 hours. I knew I was in for a long night. I went inside to eat and recruited an unsuspecting Caroline into helping me glue the 2nd piece on. She didn't show any signs of getting tired, so I had to pretend that I wasn't either, until we finished at about 10:45pm, when I was ready to zonk out.

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