Saturday, April 5, 2008

05 Apr 08

Hunt and I started gluing the firewall on this morning. There are a lot of pieces to glue on it, so it took a couple of hours to finish. Thomas came out and started trimming around the edge of the balsa on the butterfly panel with cherry backer board. Caroline helped Hunt apply a layer of epoxy over the surface of the dashboard to fill in the spaces between the warp and fill of the weave. I scraped epoxy off the chassis joints and helped with both tasks. Thomas and I got a layer of backer trim glued to the butterfly panel and another layer mostly cut and fit before I started mounting and fitting the Z-panel on the front of the chassis. I got one side of the Z-panel finished before we all went out to eat. When we came back, it was time to watch the UNC/Kansas game, which didn't go the way we like it around here. Oh well, more chassis pieces to glue on tomorrow, regardless.

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