Tuesday, April 8, 2008

07 Apr 08

All of our parts from yesterday turned out well. Zac and I put another part on the I-beam jig that Hunt and I used yesterday. Zac made a much needed dump run while I swept and got pieces together for our next part. We made a part off of the mold that Caroline and I glued together last night in the screw press with an air bag, and we made a part off of the steel angle iron mold right before lunch. Hunt spent the morning machining and gluing a riser block for the shock tower. After lunch, I started planning a new mold to tie the outer arm rests to the S-panel. Zac and I got a right angle piece into a vacuum bag, and Hunt and I made a run to Home Depot to get another vacuum bag fitting that we make from a toilet supply line while Zac glued up another right angle piece. I put the new fittings together, and we put the 2nd right angle mold in a vac bag. I started disassembling the Z-panel and front suspension while Zac glued up another part on the mold from last night in the screw press. Aaron spent the day getting the chassis up to date on the computer model so that we can forge ahead with planning some of the small details. After dinner, I came back out and cut some parts for the new mold, and Hunt came up and offered some welcome advice.

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