Sunday, April 6, 2008

06 Apr 08

I started the day off by finishing the mounts for the Z-panel. I had to drill holes and use our wood laminate angle brackets, but they weren't ready for glue yet. I also finished out trimming along the edge of the butterfly panel with backer board and got it glued up. We spent some time looking at how the dash was going to work with everything, and I trimmed the Z-panel along the trailing edge for fitment of the dash. Caroline made a piece of plywood to space the front shock tower I-beam off the tunnel tower, and I dug out some of our angle bracket molds to get them ready for action soon. Hunt and I made a quick mold to adapt to our jig that allowed us to glue up the I-beam shock tower and were able to get a part made on it. Caroline added 3 veneers to the plywood piece to bring it to the right thickness. I used a router and a follower bit to finish up a mold that was started a long time ago that will make a part for us to tie the rear wheel wells to the box sections. After dinner, Caroline, Hunt and I applied 2 layers of basswood veneer to the butterfly panel over the balsa core and the trim. Once we got that in the vacuum bag, Caroline and I glued the recently routed mold pieces together and called it a night before 10pm.

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