Friday, April 18, 2008

18 Apr 08

Hunt and I test fit the transmission hanger this morning and measured the size that the spacer blocks will need to be to accommodate it. I spent most of the morning disassembling the rear end and getting it ready to be glued. I also layed out a lightening/access hole pattern on the box channel caps. Ben had some work to do on his trusses before we would be ready to hang them, so he went to work on that. Aaron had some website issues to deal with for most of the first part of the day. We had Zac glue some plywood to the right size and thickness for them when he showed up. We helped him get the second piece under pressure right before lunch. After lunch, I cut the holes out on one of the channel caps and fit it on the driver's side. I inset it more to get it to the same depth as the gas tank cover so that we can tie the 2 together. Ben came in, and I helped him and Hunt hang all the steel trusses in the building. They look impressive, so hopefully they will work as well as they look. I worked a while on the passenger's side channel cap and had the holes cut out by dinner time. Aaron and Zac got the rafters and plywood on the front lean-to during the afternoon, and Aaron hung a window in the new shop while Zac went to Home Depot for supplies. After dinner, I came back out to finish fitting the cap, and found a slight correction that needs to be made in the chassis which I will address on a fresh brain tomorrow.

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