Wednesday, April 9, 2008

09 Apr 08

Hunt and I glued a piece of stainless to the I-beam shock brace this morning. We used epoxy and riveted and clamped it. I put a couple of trim pieces on the inner front wheel wells next, and also trimmed out the trailing edges of the cabin walls to allow the engine and intercoolers to be lowered through the floor of the car eventually. Aaron worked on the computer model for most of the day, but left a little early to get his brother from the airport. After lunch, Zac worked on cleaning up the body molds. He had to grind edges, clean the wax and pva off, and sand the surfaces with 320grit. I made a cover for the hole in the rear cross-section of the chassis that will allow the removal of the transmission. This was done by laminating a part onto the actual piece with a piece of polyethylene sheeting in between to avoid gluing the 2 pieces to each other. The bagging was awkward, so Zac helped me. Ben showed up about midafternoon and cut some stainless pieces to triangulate the upper control arm mounts. Ben and Zac left, and Caroline got home from class and helped me glue the box channels together. We glued one side, riveted them together to locate the correctly, and vacuum bagged them. It worked well. After that was finished, Hunt came up, and we glued a piece of stainless on the other side of the I-beam shock brace. It was about 1000pm, and I was ready for dinner at this point, so we called it a night.

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