Friday, April 11, 2008

11 Apr 08

I unclamped the passenger's side rear wheel well this morning, and Ben showed up in time to help me clamp the driver's side. That took a couple of hours to finish, and Hunt and I had to go to the Home Depot to get some supplies for Ben and Zac. After lunch, I clamped and glued a piece of plywood to cap the passenger's side box channel, along with a brace that ties the box channel to the wheel well. Ben and Zac worked all day on finishing up the ramp to the new room and getting the old lofting table mounted to a base in the new room. At around 5pm, Hunt, Caroline, Aaron, Ben, Zac and I lifted the table onto the base. It is pretty heavy and is going to be a really, really nice glue-up table. I fit the the final piece to make up the box channels on each side. It is a large piece that takes some time to trim properly, so I saved one for after dinner. Aaron worked on the exploded animation of the tunnel assembly today and got it all finished except for a few details. I worked until about 11pm on finishing the 2 pieces. We decided to move them in 1" to accommodate the radiators, so I had some work to do to get them there. I wanted to get the new rear cross-section piece in place before I called it quits tonight, but I just ran out of gas. I had to mount some of our old right-angle brackets inside the rear wheel wells to hold them in place while I transfer the holes into the new cross-section piece. I decided to wait to check it over in the morning.

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