Saturday, April 19, 2008

19 Apr 08

I set about gluing the box channel to the firewall and S-panel this morning. This involved a lot of measuring, drilling and riveting. I had the driver's side glued on by lunchtime. Ben worked on a set of braces for the truss system for most of the morning and helped me along with the gluing. Aaron worked on the animation of the tunnel, and Hunt worked on the mold for the trim piece for the hat section. We had lunch at the airport and came back to get to work. I started gluing the passenger's side of the box section and worked on it until about 4pm. Ben was welding his braces onto the steel truss system while I worked. Hunt worked on restoring an electric winch to use on the rotisserie that Ben has built the truss for. I started fitting the transmission hanger until I got called in to eat dinner. After dinner and until about 10:30pm, I came back out and fitted the transmission hanger, the rear hat section, and the rear cross-section, including several plywood shim plates and 2 angle brackets. We will be ready to glue them on tomorrow. The chassis is becoming megarigid.

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