Friday, April 25, 2008

25 Apr 08

More good parts came off molds this morning. Another 5-sided piece is ready, the hat section trim piece was a success so far, and, most importantly, the rollbar tie-in glue-up from last night did the trick. Ben showed up to fix some leaks in his compressed air piping, and he added some legs and worked on leaks for most of the morning. Zac glued the first half of the last 5-sided piece, and Aaron finished loading pictures to the Flickr site. He and Zac then put tin on the roof of the front lean-to on the new building and glued up a flat piece of plywood shim stock for me right before lunch. After lunch, I made a mold for a tie-in piece for the outside arm rest to the front wheel wells. Aaron and Zac glued a part onto it, and then Aaron went to working on the tunnel animation. Ben spent the afternoon mounting a water fountain and a sink to the walls in the blue room. Zac managed to get the 2nd half of the 5-sided piece glued up, along with another stage of the hat section trim piece. I worked on fitting bracket tie-ins inside the driver's side gas tank area and trimming 5-sided pieces until it was time for dinner. Ben and I went to Hardee's and came back to glue another layer, which Aaron and Zac mysteriously left out, onto a 5-sided piece. Ben did most of the work on this while I glued my brackets inside the gas tank area. We finished by about 11:00pm.

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