Saturday, April 12, 2008

12 Apr 08

I fitted the new rear cross-section piece this morning. Ben showed up soon after, and he and I went down to Hunt's to get some steel tubing that he is going to use to make a couple trusses with. I trimmed the edges of the rear hat section and fitted it between the wheel wells next. Ben was working on cutting pieces for his truss, and I began laying out a bolt pattern for 2 stainless steel reinforcement pieces that will fit on each side of the tunnel tower. It was time for lunch, and Ben, Caroline, Hunt and I went down to the airport to eat. After lunch, Ben washed and waxed the 2nd butterfly panel mold to prepare it for a glue-up. He and Caroline put down the initial straight and cross layers while I drilled the holes in the reinforcement pieces for the front of the tunnel. Hunt came up, and he and I glued one of them on by drilling and tapping all the holes into the tunnel tower and bolting it in. After finishing this, Hunt and I went out to finish running the wire to the new shop. I dug some more trench to get the conduit the rest of the way to the building, and we ran the tubing up the wall and mounted a couple boxes. We had a visit from a couple nice guys who were visiting the engineering school at NC State for the weekend, and we hung out with them for a while. Once they left, we looked at the wiring for a few minutes, and, after a run to Home Depot for some breakers, Hunt finished it up. After dinner, Caroline and I came back out, and she proceeded to glue up some 45degree layers on the butterfly panel mold while I went about gluing on the reinforcement piece on the other side. When I finished, I went out to the new room and helped her finish up. We almost finished by 11:00pm and are tired again tonight.

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Larry Knight said...

Hello, Joe (and Hunt!). This is Larry Knight. It was my son Ben and I who were your visitors on this date. We really enjoyed our visit and the hospitality you showed us when we phoned you out of the blue to see if we could visit.

Unfortunately, I was out of the country in August when you brought the car to Atlanta, but I see by the photos on your web site that you made it in style!

All the best, Joe. Keep us all posted about where you land for your job. No doubt we will see more great stuff from you in the future.

Larry Knight
Woodstock, Georgia