Saturday, April 26, 2008

26 Apr 08

Hunt worked on frames for the loom this morning, while I straightened the table up and checked the shims for the 5-sided pieces. I measured the location where the half-shafts will go through and drilled a 4 1/4" hole to accommodate. I ran a 45deg bevel around the edge to dress the holes out. We glued the frames for the loom up right before lunch. After lunch, Hunt and I glued the pairs of 5-sided pieces together using a combination of through-bolts and clamps. Caroline came out and glued up another wheel well bracket from the mold we made yesterday. For most of the afternoon, I worked on mounting the rest of the bracketry inside the driver's side gas tank area. This was an unexpectedly tedious process due to the number of pieces and the limited working space, but I finished it before dinner and started getting the pieces ready for the passenger's side. After dinner and accidentally falling asleep for about 45 minutes, I came back out and cut the shims to size for the 5-sided pieces. I glued and clamped them using almost every 6" clamp I had at my disposal, which is really saying something. I finished just before 11:00pm. We need to get them glued onto the car tomorrow.

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