Wednesday, April 23, 2008

23 Apr 08

The piece that we glued up last night turned out well this morning, and I slid it roughly into place to check the fit, which looks like it will turn out well, also. I added another piece of MDF to the underside of the mold, and Hunt routed a radius on it so that we can make a mirror image of the same part. Zac made a trash run to the dump and glued the first 4 layers on when he got back. He also glued several more flat spacer panels and put them in the press. Aaron and I had to do a little video work this morning, but nothing too major. Ben spent the morning and most of the day working on running hard lines from our compressor throughout the shop. It will be nice not to have to step on air hoses all day. We had to make a run to see our buddies at Durham Brazing to get some steel for a guard for the giant sprocket that Ben mounted yesterday. I worked on trimming out the new roll bar tie-in panel right before lunch. After lunch, Aaron and Zac glued up a stack of poplar veneer for one of the seats, and we put it in the big Black Bros press. I cut, ripped, jointed and plane some cherry backer board into 1.25"X.375" strips to use to trim out the hole in the roll bar tie-in piece. I then made an MDF jig to allow me to glue the pieces together in the proper shape. I essentially made a frame which we will glue to the back of the plywood panel and use to route the hole out of the panel. Zac and Aaron clocked out and went to lunch, while Ben worked on the air lines as I mitered corners and spread glue for the frame. Zac and Aaron showed up in time to help me clamp the pieces of the frame down, and we broke for dinner at about 8:15pm. After dinner, we came back out to shoot a few video clips, and the guys packed it in when we finished. I came in to finish editing the video by about 11:45pm and am currently more than ready for bed.

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