Friday, August 29, 2008

29 Aug 08

We had pretty good production today.  Hunt and I pulled the first box channel off the mold to find a good part, and Aaron and Bimal went forward with laying up another one with the same method.  I got a little work done on the butterfly panel trim piece in between helping the guys with glue-ups.  After the 2nd box channel was under vacuum, Bimal and Aaron got into making the first half of the transmission hanger.  We had it mostly in the bag when Bimal left at noon.  After lunch, Aaron cleaned up and made a dump run while I finished up the butterfly panel trim pieces.  He got a corner bracket ready, and I helped him get it in the bag.  Next, he spread glue on the next set of box channel veneer, and I took the box channel from the morning off the mold.  We finished laying it up right at 5pm, when it was time for Aaron to hit the road.  Hunt and I worked on taking apart the front suspension for the next hour or 2, and I went in the eat at around 7pm.  After dinner, Caroline and I went to see The Dark Knight finally, now that the schedule is a little less rigorous. It was pretty good, especially the Joker and the LP640. 

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