Tuesday, August 5, 2008

05 Aug 08

Dun dun....DUNNNN. 2 weeks from today, the car has to be loaded onto the trailer and headed to IWF. Fortunately, we only have a couple of months worth of work to do in that period of time, so it could be worse. I started the morning off by drilling the holes in the S-panel to mount the dowels in the seat backs. I had to notch out the U-channel to accommodate them, and it turned out to be a nice detail. I also put a potential fix on a small wrinkle in the top layer of maple that covers the dash tie-in piece. I hope it works. On his first day back from overseas, Aaron did a lot of research on trailer registration and worked on the blog pictures. DP and Zac laid up another side intake panel, this time out of 4 sheets of bi-ply, and Luke located rear suspension parts and pressed longer studs into the rear spindles. Caroline sanded on the body shell and got another coat of epoxy on it. I got inside the shell and ground the A-pillars and window frames into shape a little, and made a template of the rear exhaust mold to locate the ground line for Andrew. Ben painted the trailer in classic black Rustoleum, and we broke for lunch. After lunch, Caroline and DP laid up another side intake panel and went back to sanding and epoxying the shell. I trimmed up both side intake panels with a power planer while Luke worked on laying out the array of cherry strips that will make up the front grille. Jenna came out and sanded several chassis pieces, along with the dashboard with Caroline, and Hunt put a coat of polyurethane on it when they finished up. Hunt ripped some plywood for Ben for the trailer looked at the finish on one of the butterfly panels with me before we broke for dinner at about 9:00pm. After dinner, I came back out and remounted the dash board, and Hunt came up and sanded the rear window cover for the interior. I sanded the gauge pod and used a scrap piece from the side intake panels to make the face that the gauges will mount to. Hunt headed out, and I made a collar for the underside of the steering column out of a piece of scrap from the engine covers. I got this in decent shape by about 11:30pm and decided to call it a day.

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