Friday, August 8, 2008

07 Aug 08

I picked up where I left off last night and finished fitting the driver's side inner body panel this morning. Caroline line sanded the body shell while I worked. Aaron went to work on making the photo book about the car, and Ben went to work on the trailer, as per usual. Zach laid fiberglass on the side windows that Chris brought by yesterday, and DP went to line sanding the body shell. Kendal also sanded various parts and polyurethaned plywood for Ben on the trailer. I got back in the car and trimmed an edge on the inner body panels where they will mate up with the dashboard and also spent some time figuring out a shape for headrests. Aaron and Kendal glued up another skin on the side intake panel, finishing right before lunch while DP sanded the lumps out of the other one. After lunch, I went back to fitting the dash in between the inner body panels. This took a while, as I had to crawl in and out of the car about 50 times to fit and test, fit and test, fit and test. Aaron and DP took the pieces that I trimmed off the edges of the dash and used them as a mold to glue up some strips of bi-ply to use as a trim piece for between the dash and inner body panels. Jenna sanded edges of the body shell while Caroline hand sanded the front brake ducts. Hunt and Caroline had a polyurethane session, coating a bunch of parts, including the newly skinned side intake panels. When I finished fitting the dash and inner body panels, I started mounting the side intake panels to the car. Jenna, DP, and Ben worked hardcore on the trailer top until about 8:30pm, when Caroline came back with some Chinese food. After we ate, DP and Jenna used their mixed epoxy up on the roof of the trailer while Ben fit some plywood to the side. I continued work on the side intake panel, and Hunt came up and line sanded on the shell. Hunt let Caroline take over at about 10:30pm, and she sanded on the shell until I got about halfway done fitting the 2nd side intake panel at about midnight.

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