Friday, August 15, 2008

14 Aug 08

I fed Hunt with some parts to spray this morning, and we left them to dry. Afterwards, I went to work on the body shell, and Hunt went to work on the suspension. Caroline and Kendal sanded the interior body panels, and Zac and Aaron wet sanded the butterfly panels. DP showed up to help me on the body shell, and BP went to work on putting the fabric on the canopies. Ben helped Hunt with the rear suspension, and Luke worked getting the wheels ready to go, taking them to get tires remounted. DP and I got the guys to flip the car rightside up again so that we could mark the ground trimline of the front and back edges. We marked these and flipped the car upside down again to grind them. DP worked on the lower rear surface while I ground the edges, and we were ready for lunch. After eating, DP and I flipped the car rightside up again, and I went to work on the window openings while DP worked on the taillight openings. Kendal came back to work on the 2nd canopy with BP, and DP and I got the windows set into their openings. Luke spent the afternoon setting up to make the front air splitter, and Caroline helped him glue it up and put it in the press. A good guy from NC State named Adam came out to check out the car and got put to work helping BP tape the canopy. Everyone finished up what they were doing at about 9:00pm, and we all ate pizza. The guys headed out after dinner, and I went back out to work on the headrests. I cut and machined all the pieces for mounting them to the rear rollbar cover, but needed help to drill the holes in the right place and decided to call it a night at around 12:15am.

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