Tuesday, August 12, 2008

11 Aug 08

Caroline and I block sanded the shell this morning. We added some resin in low spots and waited for it to kick. When the guys showed up, a massive cleanup took place while I sanded. Ben and DP worked on the trailer for most of the day, and BP and Kendal painted sealer on the wooden canopy arches. Zac and BP glued another set of cherry boards together in the air bag press, and Caroline and BP glued the woven cherry skin onto the side intake scoop. Luke worked on sanding and staining the grille. Kendal sanded various parts and caned the headrests. Sean came out and began to fit his taillight bars that he had already machined. Caroline and Jenna worked on the interior body panels, sanding and squeegeeing the surfaces, along with one of the side intake panels. I continued to block the body of the shell, trying to get it ready for a polyurethane spray. Ben, Hunt and I continued to work until about 9pm, and Hunt sprayed a coat of polyurethane onto the passenger's side before we went in to eat. After dinner, Ben and I came back out and went to work on our respective tasks. Hunt came back up, and we sanded both sides of the car, and Hunt sprayed the driver's side and another coat on the passenger's side. We finished at about midnight, and Ben finally quit on the trailer and headed out as well.

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