Wednesday, August 6, 2008

06 Aug 08

I took the dash back off this morning and glued a block onto the top of the Z-panel to tie it into the dash. Hunt worked on a bracket for the steering linkage. Aaron prepared an album photos for a book about the car, and Ben went to work on the trailer. DP and Caroline sanded the body shell, side intake panels, and various other chassis parts. Zac and I spread veneer softener on our figured eucalyptus and ironed it, but we still felt nervous about the possibility of vacuuming it tight to the steering wheel spokes, so decided to go with another veneer. After lunch, everyone cleaned off the lofting table and the chassis and brought the body shell in. Chris showed up at just the wrong time and got roped into helping. After we got the shell set on and rotated over, DP and Aaron went back to block sanding, and Ben went back to the trailer. Luke and Chris spread urethane windshield sealant around the wheels to stop the leaks, and afterwards, I talked with Chris about the side windows that he brought out that were cut from a school bus windshield. It looks like they will work well, and we ordered a power lift mechanism for them. Luke got the hot melt urethane gun fired up and started laying out the pieces for the front grille. Jenna sanded and picked tacky tape off the car before helping Caroline paint polyurethane on panels for Ben's trailer. The side intake panels looked lumpy and bad under the surface when Hunt sprayed the urethane on them, but we found another sheet of the same veneer way down in the pile. Jenna and Caroline dug the sheets out for us and put them safely in the loom room. I crawled inside the car and fit one of the interior body panels while Hunt blocked the body shell. Luke worked the grille and Ben worked on the trailer until Caroline and Jenna came back with dinner. We ate, and went back to our respective tasks. Luke got his grille slats glued on by about 10:30pm and headed out, and Ben cleaned up outside and left, too. I got a good start on the interior body panel on the driver's side, and Hunt and Caroline called it quits on the block sanding at about 11:00pm. Time for bed, but the clock is ticking louder and louder.

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