Thursday, August 28, 2008

28 Aug 08

Hunt and I talked about what needs attention on the car this morning until Bimal and Aaron showed up at around 8am. They prepped the box channel mold lay-up by cleaning off the table, cutting veneer and collecting some pieces for the mold. In the meantime, I worked on fitting a trim piece inside the butterfly panel, and Hunt took the rear suspension apart. Hunt and I helped Bimal and Aaron get everything sorted, and we had a successful dry run finished by lunch. After lunch, Bimal and Aaron glued the part, and Hunt and I helped them vacuum it down. Ben came out to work on his art, and I worked on the trim pieces more while Bimal and Aaron got more pieces of veneer cut and ready for tomorrow. After dinner, I worked on the trim pieces some more and taped off a headlight cutout to look at for a while. Caroline helped me get one butterfly panel back on the car, and we called it a night at about 9:45pm.


Andrew said...

Dude I found something about this car on stumbleupon, I just think you should know that what you're doing is completely ridiculously awesome/innovative. keep it up because it freaking pwns. I wish I could see this thing in person

Gordon said...

I agree realize once the car is complete you're still going to have a year or more of "tours" to complete. In my nieghborhood? I would certainly see this car on a premier podium at the Detroit Auto Show.