Thursday, August 28, 2008

27 Aug 08

Everything is pretty close to back to normal now. Bimal showed up at 8am this morning and cleaned out the loom room to get ready for some work. Hunt and I cleaned out the blue room. Before lunch, Bimal and I dug out the box channel mold and spent a while cleaning it off. Bimal sanded it, and Hunt and I got some more scuba tanks to cut into rear uprights for the suspension. After lunch, Bimal went about covering the box channel mold in peel ply, much like he did on the trailer canopy. This will stop any leaks that come through the mold. We spent some time getting the car off the trailer and onto the table this afternoon, and everything went smoothly with that. When we finished up there, Bimal headed out. I took the 2 back wheels off the car to work on the rear suspension some tomorrow, and Caroline and I went to replace my broken cell phone at about 7:30pm.

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