Monday, August 11, 2008

10 Aug 08

I started the morning off by adding balsa blocks to the front windshield support to fill in a couple gaps, and I fit a piece of cherry backer around the front edge. Hunt had already pulled the bird's eye maple dash tie-in out of the bag, and it was wrinkle free. Caroline, my old man, and Hunt sanded on the body shell. Ben showed up, and he and Caroline worked on reskinning the side intake panels with 1/4" woven cherry. I cut holes for the front turn signals and mounted the lights in them while my dad sanded the shell. After lunch, I helped Caroline skin the side intake panel with cherry, and she helped me glue together cherry boards the Hunt and I ripped and planed for the side skirts on the car. We used a fire hose for an air bag on the I-beam cart. When we finished this, we went back to sanding the shell for a while and broke for dinner. After eating, Caroline worked one side of the shell while I worked the other. Hunt worked on the butterfly panels. At about 11:00, we mixed some epoxy to spread on the low spots, and Hunt was ready to spray polyurethane on the butterfly panels. We finished up at about midnight, and I purged the hot glue gun and called it a night.

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suzuki said...

amazing! but i want ask some questions; how many will be build this car, and how much the prices?