Saturday, August 2, 2008

02 Aug 08

I spent the morning fitting the dash tie-in panel. I put a little body filler on it to smooth out the balsa and have it ready to be skinned. Luke showed up and went to work on the seats, and Ben went to work on the trailer. Caroline sanded and filled the body panels like a crazy person all morning. I made a piece of polystyrene foam in the shape of the grille opening to use to plan out the grille slats that we will make and had it finished up by lunchtime. After a big lunch at the airport, we got back to work. Caroline, Ben and Luke went back to their respective positions for most of the afternoon. Caroline and I skinned the dash tie-in panel with a piece of maple, and Caroline went inside to make dinner for everyone while I pulled the gauge pod off its mold. Luke finished up the final seat at about that time, and he, Ben and I went inside to eat. After dinner, Hunt and I cut pipe for the steering linkage and got it mostly into place. Hunt headed out, and I stayed out to work for a while on a few odds and ends like trimming the gauge pod up until about 11:25, at which point, Caroline came out and told me it was time to come inside.

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