Saturday, August 16, 2008

15 Aug 08

I finished mounting the headrests this morning by gluing the plywood to the frames and drilling the mounting holes. When I finished this, it was time to get back to work on the body. DP and Bimal worked on the canopy for a while, and Luke built boxes to space the wheels off the lofting table. Zac picked up the taillight grilles from Glenwood and sanded the glue off them. I marked the location of Luke's front splitter and cut it very roughly into shape. Aaron sanded, collected samples, and helped Bimal on the canopy. DP came back to the body shell and masked the taillight holes off so that Hunt could spray feather fill on them. I replaced the windshield and marked a trimline around it with electrical tape. After I ground and chiseled out the the line, DP evened out the depth of the window openings. Zac and Aaron planed a bunch of walnut backer board, and Caroline and DP glued the logos onto the side intake panels after I ground the edges and marked the locations. After lunch, our buddy, Chuck Messer, showed up, and we gave him a look around. Sean came shortly thereafter and went to work fitting his taillights. I mounted the grill and mounted the front wing with a little help from DP and Bimal. Bimal spent the most of the afternoon working on the canopies with Jean. Luke worked hardcore with Hunt on the front suspension, mostly the steering linkage. Chris came out right as I was finishing up mounting the front wing, and we looked at trimming out the lower side window edge with the F-250 window trim pieces that we ordered. We tried hot melting urethane a piece of the trim to a piece of wood, but it peeled off too easily. Chris cleaned the windshield off with a razor blade on the surface and a belt sander on the edges. We went in to eat, and came back out to find Hunt working on suspension pieces in the shop. We got the lower control arm heim joints secure and went to the back to look at the glass. Chris left a little before midnight, and Caroline and I rolled epoxy on the tail of the car and a few minor nicked areas and called it a night at about 12:45am. Big day tomorrow. The car needs to be rolling, and Chris is coming out early to start work on the side window glass.

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