Tuesday, August 12, 2008

12 Aug 08

Holy schnikes. One week remains until we leave for the show. Caroline and I block sanded the sides with 320 this morning and got the top ready to spray. Aaron helped wet sand with us, and also on the butterfly panels. DP and BP prepped the canopy for fabric, and Luke worked on the grill. Kendal finished caning the headrests, and Caroline worked on the interior body panels. She sanded and squeegeed more resin on them. After lunch, Chuck and John showed up, and we gave them a brief tour and put them to work with BP and DP putting the fabric on the canopy of the trailer. Hunt sprayed the front, top, and both sides of the body, and we took the body shell back off the chassis for likely the final time. Chuck, John, Hunt, BP and DP finished putting the cloth on the canopy. Dinner was ready at about this time, and we all ate some chicken off the grill cooked by Jean. After dinner, Luke and Caroline glued up some plywood that will be laser cut into mesh screen for the taillight openings, and I started to sort out getting the center console mounted. Nothing went well with this, but I worked on it until about 11:30pm, at which point I went to help Caroline bag her glue-up for a piece of plywood that will tie the nose of the body into the chassis. We finished at about midnight and decided to call it a night. We are in dire need of a really good day tomorrow.

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