Thursday, August 14, 2008

13 Aug 08

We needed a good day today, and, despite the day-long rain, we got one. I started off the day by fitting the center console, and Dave and I drilled a hole in the middle of it to accommodate the shift linkage. BP, Chuck, and John worked on zip tying the fabric to the canopies while DP and Aaron sanded body panels. Dave sanded the interior of the car and the chassis. Zac moved some things around and cut some bi-ply for Glenwood to laser cut for us. Luke worked on sanded and organizing pieces that we are going to need. He went to the junkyard in search of window molding, but didn't find any. He got some overnighted to a local Ford dealer, and we hope to pick them up tomorrow. I worked on the taillight surrounds until the guys came back with lunch. After lunch, we flipped the car right-side up on the table and went back to work. Aaron wet sanded the shell while I ground the window surrounds. DP worked on the taillights surrounds, and Luke machined the cherry running board pieces and glued them together. Ben continued trailer work in the rain. Hunt bored the center hole in the back of one of the back wheels with some help from Luke. Chris came out in the afternoon, and he and I worked on getting the windows ready to go in. He helped me work on the reveal around the glass and masked off the 2nd triangle window with black primer. While we worked on this, Ben cut pieces of balsa and backer board to make a wooden version of a pinchweld for the windows to mount to. Caroline cooked dinner for the guys, and we ate about about 9:00pm. After dinner, DP, BP, and Dave went back to sanding, and Ben and I glued the pinchwelds to the body shell. The guys headed out at around 10:00pm, and I went in to help Hunt spray the chassis. We finished at about 11:30pm and called it a night after a very long and productive day.

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