Monday, August 4, 2008

04 Aug 08

Caroline and I glued the hat section onto the Z-panel this morning using rivets to clamp and locate the pieces. Afterwards, spiderarms Ben and I riveted the seat brackets to either side of the tunnel. Caroline went to sanding the body shell, and DP prepped the side intake panel to get ready for its reskin. Ben worked on the trailer, and Zach ground all the rust and welds to prepare for paint. Caroline went to Curvemakers to pick up the arch laminates that John Thomas made for us that will go on the the trailer. I worked on getting the seat backs ready to locate, and Luke cut blocks to use to hold the U-channel to the S-panel. After lunch, I went back to work on the seat backs, cutting, drilling, and tapping 4 dowels and inserting 3/8" threaded rod into them. I then epoxied each unit into the backs of the seats. These dowels will hold the seat backs off the S-panel. Luke drilled the holes in the U-channel and mounted it to the S-panel. Ben and I took the trailer for a test drive, and it towed like a champ. It is so wide the I can touch the inside center and the outside white lines on the road at the same time, so I am going to have to pay some serious attention on the way to Atlanta. Zac finished up his fiberglass mold of the tail for Andrew today, adding OSB to it for stiffness and grinding the edges. Zach and DP reskinned the first side intake panel with imbulia, and it had the same wrinkle problem, so it looks like we will have to figure out something else. Luke cut the ends of the arches to length, and Hunt and I ripped them on the tablesaw right as Caroline had gotten the shell ready for stain. We stained the shell and cleaned all the dust off the table to get ready for Hunt to spray a coat of epoxy onto the body. After Hunt sprayed the epoxy, it was time for dinner. After dinner, I came back out and mounted the dashboard, and Hunt came to work on the steering linkage. We worked on this until about 11:30pm and have it pretty well figured out now. Time for bed.

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