Sunday, August 3, 2008

03 Aug 08

We found a wrinkle in the maple we glued on last night, so I started off the morning by grinding it out, smoothing it out, and giving it to Caroline and DP to reskin. Hunt and I spent a little more time fitting the steering linkage and got everything ironed out except the heim joint mount. Next, I started fitting the steering column bushing into the dash. I spent a while on this getting the joint right so that we didn't have to make molding for it. Once I got it fitted, I used 5min epoxy to glue it to the dash to temporarily locate it. Caroline sanded and filled the body shell all morning, getting a coat on the roof and pillars. Zac worked on fiberglassing a mold that our buddy, Andrew, will use to make an exhaust exit shroud out of stainless. Zach cleaned up and removed tacky tape from the body shell, and DP sanded the side intake panels. Ben worked on the trailer all morning, as usual. After lunch, Hunt and I made some pieces to tie in the steering wheel bushing to the dash panel and glued them on. Caroline and DP prepared a piece of imbulia to use to skin the side intake panels, and Zach, who had cleaned the table under the chassis off, took over for Caroline on the glue-up. I went to work on mounting the Z-panel, and I had it about half way done by dinner time. The first glue-up of the side intake was a failure due to a bubbly warp in the imbulia, so we selected a better piece of veneer, and DP and Zach glued it on right before dinner. Zac finished his exhaust shroud mold, and we peeled Ben away from the trailer. Jean and Caroline cooked out for us, and we all ate for about a half hour. The guys all left, and I went back to work fitting the Z-panel. Once I finished this, I mounted the hat section that sits on top of it, and I trimmed the U-channel that runs behind the seat backs. I also cleaned up the reinforcement that we glued onto the back of the dashboard. I finished up at about 11:15pm and called it a night. Tomorrow, the body goes back on.