Saturday, August 9, 2008

09 Aug 08

Hunt was already outside sanding this morning, and I found that the glue didn't stick the top layer to the steering wheel spokes. Caroline got prepared to recover them, and when Luke showed up with some urethane glue, she bagged the wheel. Hunt stained the side of the car that he and Caroline sanded back down The executive producer fit and sanded parts to the front of the trailer. Ben and I went to pull the fiberglass molds off the glass, but I cracked one and decided to wait. Hunt came back after a while, and we used a water hose to get them released the rest of the way. Ben went to work cutting balsa and fiberglass to make some parts off the window molds. DP worked on the body shell, dabbing epoxy into low spots and sanding high spots. I started on a mold for an angle bracket that will tie the bottom of the side intake to the floor of the car. Luke sanded parts and organized wheel hardware. After lunch at the airport, I finished up the angle bracket mold, and Ben and DP went to work on infusing the window pieces. Luke and I fit the front grille piece, which looked really good. Hunt and Jean sanded one of the butterfly panels, and Hunt sprayed a couple of coats of polyurethane on it. Ben and DP got their panels infused, and DP and Luke headed out. We broke for dinner, except for Ben, who worked through on the trailer. After dinner, dad and Hunt sanded the side of shell, while Caroline cut pieces of bird's eye maple to cover the center console. I fit a piece of angled plywood to fill in the bottom of the side intake, but we didn't like it too much and made a new plan. Dad helped Caroline and me glue the maple to the console, and we finished at about 11:30pm and called it a night.

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