Saturday, August 2, 2008

01 Aug 08

It is time for me to switch back to the interior of the car now. Most of the body work can be left to the other guys, and I need to get as much of the interior done as possible before the body gets in my way. I trimmed the dash tie-in piece this morning, and I fit the backboard U-channel. Luke worked on putting the side backer trim on the dash tie-in once I had shaped it, and Zach helped him glue the trim on. Ben worked on the trailer, and DP worked on gluing the veneer on the A-pillars. Zach wove seats, and Caroline sanded body panels. Hunt and I went to Home Depot to get some plywood for Ben's trailer and got back just in time for lunch. After lunch, DP went back to gluing weave onto the car, and I spent a few minutes taping some things off for him. Luke spray painted the rims of the trailer black. I worked on perfecting the taillights bezels, which took a couple of hours, while Caroline and DP sanded body panels. After everyone left, I cut trimlines while Hunt sanded body panels. After dinner, Hunt came back up, and he, Caroline and I glued up some plywood in the Black Bros press. We also made a quick, simple mold and laminated a piece of trim for the side of the dash tie-in piece. We called it quits at about 10:30pm.

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