Wednesday, January 30, 2008

30 Jan 08

More work on the body mold today. I tore off the driver's side butterfly panel and began to carve the underlying surface. It seemed like everywhere was 1.5" high, so I put a lot of wood chips on the floor. Hunt and I worked on making a measuring system that lets me measure on the horizontal axis for symmetrizing the flanks of the mold. Between it and our reliable, vertical system, I think everything should work pretty well. Aaron did some website work today, then joined Ben and Zac on the new building out back. They finished putting down the 2x4 subfloor, installed insulation, put down a layer of OSB followed by roofing felt, and managed to almost finish the next OSB layer. Soon, they will start making trusses. I really need to get a lot of rough-in work done on the driver's side flank tomorrow.

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