Monday, January 7, 2008

07 Jan 08

Today I finally got the driver's side butterfly panel ready. After working on that surface for most of the day, I started stripping the edges of the panels in expanded polystyrene foam. I needed to do this so that the mold would be bigger than the finished part. We make all of our molds bigger than the finished part so that there is room to trim the part to its final shape. The only problem with this foam stripping idea is that polyester resin dissolves polystyrene. Fortunately, we got some aluminum duct tape to cover the foam with to prevent this from happening when we make our fiberglass mold. I also used some expanding foam-in-a-can used for sealing windows and other gaps to fill in the cracks and spaces I left when I was stripping the edges. We have found before that this stuff doesn't sand very well, but it shouldn't be too much of a problem, because it was used sparingly. Zac and Aaron worked on the lean-to most of the day. Tomorrow, we might have some semblance of a roof on that bad boy.

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